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NRM staff petition Museveni over Lumumba's...

The petitioners accuse Lumumba of sabotaging some of the mobilizers employed at the secretariat

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Like Museveni says our concerted effort can...

The President’s commitment to fighting corruption also stretches to government institutions like hospitals and other medical facilities

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I will get 90% of the votes - Muyingo

Voting in the vast county of Bamunanika went on smoothly with the voters patiently waiting in long lines at most of the polling stations

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Museveni meets former Tanzania leader Mwinyi...

President Museveni and his guest discussed issues concerning the East African Community

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Counting still underway in Mpigi

The counting is still at the level of a polling station and by 4:35pm most of the polling stations had started counting votes

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Museveni warns against disorder during elections...

He noted that government has strengthened its capabilities of establishing and maintaining security

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Exploit border trade, Museveni urges Bundibugyo...

Museveni urged the people of Bundibugyo to target the market in Kampala, Rwanda, D.R. Congo and South Sudan for their products

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Museveni calls for unity in diversity

He noted that despite their differences, the NRM leaders in Rubindi have shown maturity

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Museveni ignored my advice to retire in 2016...

Mbabazi said he regrets supporting the removal of term limits

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Vote your leaders wisely, Museveni urges...

He also cautioned Ugandans against sectarianism, saying its unity that can guarantee Uganda’s prosperity


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Coronavirus threatens nearly 20...

The AU study published Monday said the African Union Commission "should lead negotiations of an ambitious plan for the cancellation of total African external debt", valued at $236 billion.