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Yoga: Indian practice turned global phenomenon...

The word "yoga" has its origins in the ancient Sanskrit language and means "to attach, join, harness, yoke".

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June 21 declared as International Yoga Day...

Yoga is the exploration of the very mechanics of life.

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University Students advised to do yoga

This was revealed by the Indian high commissioner to Uganda, his Excellency Shri Ravi Shanker yesterday at International business, Science and Technology...

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Yoga connecting world, says Modi

Enthusiasts across India rose at the crack of dawn, many braving monsoon showers, to mark the third International Yoga Day.

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A happy International Yoga Day to everyone...

In Uganda, the celebrations are off to a good start with a lot of events organized.

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Tao, 98-year-old poster child for yoga and...

Tao, as everyone calls her, grew up in India and lives in the New York suburbs.

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First Sadhguru School in Africa opened in...

Jaggi Vasudev is concluding a three-nation trip to Africa.


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How to safeguard your home while...

During this season, a number of people travel to their villages to join their family members in one big Christmas party and new year celebration.