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Water Shortage

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Water crisis hits Dokolo district

The only spring well used by over 1500 households in two parishes of Aluti and Anangogwec is also shared with animals.

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Beyond fueling land grabs: dams and reservoirs...

While water dams and reservoirs produce the much needed renewable energy, provide water for agriculture, industrial use, control river flow and flooding,...

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Kisoro Municipality water sources to be upgraded...

By May 2019 the consultancy work would be completed.

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'Agriculture must make water use go further'...

A day after the United Nations warned that 5.7 billion people could be short of drinking water by 2050, experts said agriculture faces its own threat....

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Bigirimana wants gov’t to solve Kisoro water...

Bigirimana said Government should establish means of pumping water from the existing water bodies in the district to the communities for home use.

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Burkina capital hit by water shortage

The city has suffered a severe shortage over the past few weeks which has left some districts without water for three to five days.

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Kasese residents battle worst water crisis...

Most parts of Kasese district are grappling with the acute water shortage which has hit most areas due to the prolonged drought which has hit the district....

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Water crisis: Gulu hospital resorts to boreholes...

Gulu hospital has 14 units and at least 14,000 liters of water is used daily.

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Three Amuru villages lack clean water

Residents have to walk long distances to collect clean water.


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Expectant mothers warned against...

The warning was given by specialists from St. John Ambulance Uganda during a health camp at Mutembe Landing Site, Nyenga sub-county in Buikwe district.