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Education minister right to support e-learning...

Though a few institutions had already engaged their students in teaching and learning activities using online platforms, the students and institutions...

Government issues guidelines for e-learning...

Before any institution rolls out the e-learning, both the academic staff and students must undergo training on how the systems will work.

Victoria University wins plaudits for e-learning...

Victoria University has done an “amazing” job pivoting to online classes just weeks after schools were closed to control the spread of the new coronavirus,...

Notice from Victoria University

Congratulation message

Notice from Victoria University

Don't wait for opportunity. Create it.

Graduation notice

Theme: Developing agents of change

Notice from Victoria University

Victoria University is accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education and stands out as a pivot of academic excellence


TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

TRAFFICKING: Is gov't not doing enough?

Cases are reported in different countries, but the desk has no funds to facilitate investigations