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Vegetables the new money market for Nakaseke,...

“Vegetables can fetch a lot of money, if a farmer looks after them properly."

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Green peas: the beauty secret

Many beauticians in town are making it a point to include green peas in their facial procedures.

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Carrot, a vegetable important in many ways...

With all the health benefits carrots have, few people in Uganda grow it.

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'Greens' good for healthier bones and hair...

Leafy vegetables like doodo have a high mineral concentration.

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Teso farmers tipped of growing vegetables...

There is a high demand for them in the market

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Celtuce, the leafy survivalist

The vegetable can be consumed roasted, grilled or pickled.

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Cabbage production goes up

Medium-sized ones cost sh1,000 each and the small ones cost between sh700 to sh500 each. ​

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Grow vegetables all year in 4x4 feet boxes...

“This garden is also an outdoor decorative piece which enhances home beauty if neatly maintained,” he explains.

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Lettuce defying market fluctuations

“We have been selling at the same price since this year began."

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Eat five servings of fruits, vegetables to...

So Mangusho says they need to boost their protective stores with good amounts of minerals, Vitamins and fiber which come majorly from vegetables and fruits....


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World leaders applaud joint Nobel...

Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi campaigner Nadia Murad jointly won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.