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Two killed by stray elephants

Human-wildlife conflict is a big problem in the area, and UWA is doing all it takes to secure the lives of people in the area.

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UWA donates to Bududa landslide victims

UWA’s Public Relations manager, Bashir Hangi, said the items will support 200 people from 34 families, staying at Bukalasi, which was the epicenter of...

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Uganda risks ceasing to be the Pearl of Africa...

After competing for space we have rendered animals homeless.

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Museveni blasts tourism board

“I don’t like this type of mediocrity,” he said. He called on UTB to stop comparing the country to Kenya, but with Spain, which has nothing to show, but...

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Linking hands to salvage lives

“A united approach by different agencies is the surest way to effectively and sustainably fight against zoonotic diseases and protect public health.”

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Leopard threatens Gombe-Kanoni village, Wakiso...

Residents said they have not seen the leopard, but have heard it making sounds in the nights.

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UWA commissions eight storeyed building

By thinking out of the box, UWA is showing other parastatals what ought to be done to generate resources to deliver services.

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Ugandan “Gorilla” star attraction at Indaba...

Guest after guest that visited the Pearl of Africa stall sought to take photos and selfies with the 'Gorilla'.

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UWA’s new boss Mwandha promises changes

Seguya handed over office to Mwandha on Monday.

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UWA warns Kasese residents of stray leopard...

He said the leopard was first reported around by a worshiper who saw it on Friday while going for a 7:00 am service at St Paul’s Anglican Church Cathedral...


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Hollywood star joins ‘Save Murchison...

“Don’t say that. When I heard in whispers that the majestic falls are to go away I was in tears. But why? That will be a tragedy..."