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Lack of food pushes 2.3 million people to...

Severe shortages of medicine and medical supplies have led to a "sharp deterioration of the quality of hospitals," UN.

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UN Security Council calls for probe in Yemen...

The coalition, which has been fighting Yemen's rebels since 2015, claimed the bus was carrying "Huthi combatants."

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Embrace youth participation in curbing HIV/AIDS...

The youth are a key population as far as HIV infection and treatment is concerned

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UN delays draw down of Somalia peacekeeping...

The council extended its authorisation of the AMISOM mission until May 31 2019

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Nearly 500 girls get HIV every day - UN

Girls and young women made up two-thirds of 15- to 19-year-olds infected with HIV in 2017.

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'UN agrees peacekeeping budget of $6.7 billion'...

The most important and therefore financially demanding missions are in South Sudan, DR Congo and in Mali

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DR Congo, Mali, Yemen groups join UN black...

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Bana Mura militia "committed rape, sexual abuse and kidnapping," while the Kamuina Nsapu militia "recruited and...

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 Local Government system is the life to vision...

This year’s Labour Day was officially held in Kalangala district under the national theme titled, “Promoting the public spirit in the public sector”.

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UN Regional Services Centre to remain in...

The centre employs over 400 Ugandans and is contributing significantly to the economy of the Entebbe municipality and Uganda at large.

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Entebbe residents protest moving of UN base...

Authorities in Entebbe say they are concerned that moving the base to Kenya will significantly affect jobs and development of the area.


Vipers warm-up ahead of new season...

The idea behind this is to ensure that players are really focused.