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Uganda Shilling

Uganda Shilling depreciates against the US...

According to BOU, limited exports have always been held responsible for the depreciation of the Shilling

Uganda Shilling weakens against the Dollar...

The Shilling closed last week at 3,689/3,708 to the dollar from the previous weeks’ close

Do investors affect the shilling?

The Handshake on the impact of investors to the Ugandan Shilling.

Shilling strengthens on account of increased...

“Outlook indicates a bullish shilling amidst anticipated thin demand"

Uganda Shilling projected to weaken

Bank of Uganda quoted the unit trading at 3,709/3719 slightly weaker than Thursday’s close of 3,707/3,717 buying and selling respectively

Shilling stable as diaspora remittances flow...

Uganda received $1.2b (about sh4.5trillion) in 2017 in remittances, accounting for 5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to a report...

Uganda shilling strengthens

In the fixed income market, a treasury bill auction was held with sh195 billion on offer.

Shilling boosted by low dollar demand, remittances...

Bank of Uganda data shows that the shilling closed at 3,715/3,725 buying and selling respectively on average. T

Uganda Shilling strengthens

The Shilling closed the week at around 3,744.88/3,754.88 to the US Dollar

Uganda Shilling holds strong

The annual headline inflation for the year ending October 2018 registered a 0.7% decline from the previous month


ULC gives away school land to real estate firm

ULC gives away school land to real estate...

The future of 62-year-old Parvatiben Muljibhai Madhvani Girls' School, commonly known as PMM Girls' located in Jinja City,...