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Uganda Shilling

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Importers’ demand for Dollars weakens the...

The Uganda Shilling traded in the 3690/3700 as compared to opening levels of 3680/90 buying and selling respectively

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Uganda Shilling stabilises

In the inter-bank shilling market, overnight funds traded at an average of 7% while one week funds quoted at 10%, a slight indication of emerging tightness...

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Ugandan shilling strengthens, helped by export...

Trading during the week ended 21 June 2019 was in the range of 3690/3700 compared to Monday opening levels of 3715/3725.

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Uganda shilling slightly stronger

By the close of business on Wednesday, the shilling was quoted trading at 3,754/3,764, slightly stronger than the opening session of 3,755/ 3,765 buying...

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Uganda Shilling registers gains

The Shilling indicates a range bound unit as market jitters related to the fiscal budget for 2019/20 build-up

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Shilling weakens against the Dollar

In the opening session on Tuesday, forex bureaus in Kampala quoted the Shilling to be trading at 3,732.79/ 3,742.79 buying and selling respectively

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Uganda Shilling depreciates against the US...

According to BOU, limited exports have always been held responsible for the depreciation of the Shilling

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Uganda Shilling weakens against the Dollar...

The Shilling closed last week at 3,689/3,708 to the dollar from the previous weeks’ close

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Do investors affect the shilling?

The Handshake on the impact of investors to the Ugandan Shilling.

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Shilling strengthens on account of increased...

“Outlook indicates a bullish shilling amidst anticipated thin demand"


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Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.