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Uganda Shilling

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Shilling strengthens on account of increased...

“Outlook indicates a bullish shilling amidst anticipated thin demand"

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Uganda Shilling projected to weaken

Bank of Uganda quoted the unit trading at 3,709/3719 slightly weaker than Thursday’s close of 3,707/3,717 buying and selling respectively

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Shilling stable as diaspora remittances flow...

Uganda received $1.2b (about sh4.5trillion) in 2017 in remittances, accounting for 5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to a report...

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Uganda shilling strengthens

In the fixed income market, a treasury bill auction was held with sh195 billion on offer.

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Shilling boosted by low dollar demand, remittances...

Bank of Uganda data shows that the shilling closed at 3,715/3,725 buying and selling respectively on average. T

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Uganda Shilling strengthens

The Shilling closed the week at around 3,744.88/3,754.88 to the US Dollar

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Uganda Shilling holds strong

The annual headline inflation for the year ending October 2018 registered a 0.7% decline from the previous month

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Ugandan shilling projected to weaken

“The economy shrunk by 0.8% in the second quarter of the year."

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Uganda Shilling in red: Can we redeem it?...

The weakening UGX could be attributed to the apparent saving-investment gap of 10.1 percent of GDP

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Why the persistent depreciation of the Uganda...

The major bulk of imports comprise motor vehicles, petroleum products, cosmetics, drugs, construction materials, alcoholic products, and clothing among...


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'Golden handshake' for DR Congo's...

Ministers in the outgoing government of now ex-president Joseph Kabila awarded themselves "golden-handshake" benefits in two decrees which were passed on November 24, that safeguarded lifetime cash payments.