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Government priotises infrastructure

In 1986, the total national road network was 7,900Km and of the 1,900Km that had been tarmacked, only 114Km was in fair condition. The remaining 1,786km...

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Gullies eat up roads in Kawempe

The roads have been eaten up by gullies formed as a result of running water.

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Why the Karimojong have reason to smile

A truck driver John Opolot, who traverses Karamoja, says the government intervention is timely given the government programmes in the sub region.

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Lack of funding leaves world's roads in disrepair...

According to the Federal Highway Research Institute, only one motorway bridge out of every eight is classified as being in "good" or "very good" condition....

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We fixed our road via WhatsApp

Around this time the Mobile Money Tax came into effect, meaning I had to lose at least 1% of the total collections, but still that was fine.

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Boda boda cyclists reap from bad roads

Boda boda cyclists are reaping from the bad roads. They have raised the fares from sh3,000 to sh6,000 on the shortest distance covered on the road.

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Ntoroko residents protest over road diversion...

The angry residents stormed the town council offices and held hostage the Resident District commissioner Wilson Isingoma for several hours in the office...

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MPs arrested over Tirinyi Road demo

Budaka Woman Member of Parliament Pamela Kamugo Nasiyo and three other MPs have been arrested for inciting residents to carry out demonstration over the...

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Who are the new UNRA board members?

The entire board was sacked following investigations into alleged corruption

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Gov’t seeks sh756b loan for road to South...

Government has a shortfall of about sh500b which it needs as counterpart funding for various old loans


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US coronavirus deaths exceed 100,000...

Europe meanwhile has slowly started reopening businesses as outbreaks on the continent slow, but Italy and Spain lack the firepower of richer European nations to rebuild their economies.