Thursday,October 17,2019 00:29 AM


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Tour operator detained over defrauding tourists...

Richard Tusasibwe has been on the run for about three weeks since allegedly defrauding tourists of sh7.9m

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Why Uganda needs broadband connectivity in...

According to the US National Park Service (similar to Uganda Wildlife Authority) which superintends over the country’s 419 National Parks, with the aid...

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Ugandans to reap from fashion tourism

According to African Development Bank report, the Fashion industry creates value and wealth across the continent with women and youth at the heart of this...

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Tourism in Kasese thrives

The entries of Command Post Station (CPS,) hospitals, schools and worship houses are graced with hand washing utilities. Messages scream loud and clear...

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Aviation operators targeting Uganda's tourism...

According to David Kakuba, the managing director for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), 48 operators are currently licensed to access Uganda's airports....

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Security of tenure is key to a vibrant tourism...

Uganda’s tourism sector continues to struggle compared to our equally if not less endowed neighbours such as Kenya or Rwanda

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Uganda’s national parks are safe to visit...

The safety of our visitors is a first priority.

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The wonder of the Crested Crane

It is commonly known as the Crested Crane which embellishes the Uganda national emblem.

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Tourism and hospitality sector bets on technology...

Tourism is currently Uganda’s leading foreign exchange earner, bringing in in excess of $1.45b annually according to government estimates.

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Uganda to focus on German tourists

Germany is Uganda’s third-largest source market, and its growing interest in Uganda’s nature and cultural offerings has made the local tourism authorities...


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Flying high like a butterfly

Butterflies are very attractive insects. Many international celebrities have used them as symbols.