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Activists back prosecution of cigarette dealers...

Government spends over sh1.8b in treating tobacco- related diseases every year.

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Treaty slows global tobacco use by 2.5% -...

Tobacco consumption is the single greatest preventable cause of death in the world, claiming nearly six million lives annually.

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‘Stop tobacco industry interference in health’...

"We have an ethical responsibility to prioritize people’s health over the industry’s interests."

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WHO calls for placing stronger warnings on...

Tobacco remains the only legal consumer product that kills when used as intended by the manufacturer

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Youths tipped on dangers of smoking

The new Tobacco Control Law came into force on May 19

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Tobacco giants lose appeal against UK plain...

Under the directive, health warnings must cover 65 percent of the front and back of every pack of cigarettes, with additional warnings on the top.

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Experts speak out on tobacco industry bribery...

Experts are still confident that the battle against tobacco will be accomplished

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Experts speak out on tobacco industry bribery...

In a BBC investigation, it is alleged that Bugangaizi West MP Kasirivu-Atwooki took $20,000 from BAT as an inducement to doctor a parliamentary report...


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Expectant mothers warned against...

The warning was given by specialists from St. John Ambulance Uganda during a health camp at Mutembe Landing Site, Nyenga sub-county in Buikwe district.