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Pilgrims gear up for Janani Luwum Day

The excited pilgrims move while dancing, singing as 16th February draws near to mark Janani Luwum Day.

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Kween’s master in growing Irish potatoes...

Kween district has a farmer who has mastered the art in making a fortune in Irish potatoes.

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Will Tshiseksdi bring a new dawn to DRC?...

55-year old Tshisekedi, is the head of the country's oldest and largest opposition party the Union for Democracy and Social Progress

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Why we need the Kampala flyover

Easing traffic jam along various roads that connect to Kampala is one major reason why the Kampala flyover would have been constructed earlier.

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Battle to remove capsized boat continues...

Daily news across the country

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Around East Africa; Rwanda's Diane Rwigara...

Daily news across the region

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Busesa teacher's winning technique

Busesa teachers selected as a teacher making a difference

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President Museveni commissions Tororo industrial...

President Museveni commissions Tororo industrial park


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'Golden handshake' for DR Congo's...

Ministers in the outgoing government of now ex-president Joseph Kabila awarded themselves "golden-handshake" benefits in two decrees which were passed on November 24, that safeguarded lifetime cash payments.