Tuesday,October 15,2019 02:43 AM


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Chrome crowned top Internet browser by market...

NetMarketShare calculated that Chrome had 41.7 percent of desktop browser share in April, narrowly topping the 41.4 share for IE. Mozilla's Firefox browser...

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When technology bites back

WHO warns that drivers using a mobile phone are four times more likely to be involved in a crash.

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New technology helps visually impaired Facebook...

The technology can reliably identify concepts in categories including transportation (‘car,’boat,’ ‘airplane’), nature (‘snow,’ ‘ocean,’ ‘sunset’), sports...

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Apple goes small for new iPhone, iPad

The price tag puts the cherished Apple brand within better reach to people in developing economies.

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Apple to unveil new creations on March 21...

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Apple is poised to introduce upgraded versions of its small-screen iPhone and of the iPad.

The world's most sophisticated science machines...

The LIGO detectors contain two very long arms that contain optical instruments for bending light, and are positioned like the letter L.

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New technology puts health care in palm of...

A hand-held connected device allows consumers to measure temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels and includes a camera to examine the throat and inner ear....

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Mystery electric car startup unveils prototype...

"We are redefining the very nature of cars and mobility," said the company's senior vice president of research and engineering.


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Flying high like a butterfly

Butterflies are very attractive insects. Many international celebrities have used them as symbols.