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Teachers Making A Difference

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Bro. Aganyira lifts St. Edwards, revamping...

At the time Aganyira was posted to Bukuumi, the dormitories’ walls had gaping holes, and had no doors. The windows shutters were all broken and literally,...

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Sr Kachope lifts Immaculate Heart

Sr Kachope has undertaken all these projects using the school’s resources. As a result of her effort, the school’s enrolment has risen from 821 students...

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Ireland gives sh200m for 2019 top teachers...

The project recognises and rewards individual teachers who are innovatively using limited resources to have a positive impact on their schools and communities....

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Ugandan teachers in Dublin, a city of ‘Craic’...

Ireland is well known for being a safe, welcoming society and over the years has welcomed many thousands of visitors.

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What Uganda’s teachers learnt in Ireland...

Teachers’ last leg in Ireland was at Maynooth University.

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Uganda’s teachers gear up for transformation...

Uganda’s teachers who have made a difference gear up for transformation when they return from Ireland.

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Uganda’s teachers bettering skills in Ireland...

The five on Thursday took part in a National Conference to discuss the best ways of improving the teaching and learning processes in schools all over the...

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Uganda’s best teachers in Ireland

The top five winners of the 2018 Teachers Making a Difference competition have entered the third day since jetting into the Ireland on the weekend.

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Auma raised enrollment from 80 to 900

One of 2018 best teachers, Auma raised enrollment from 80 to 900

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Lutaya energized teachers and pupils

One of the best teachers of 2018, Lutaya has energized teachers and pupil


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A rocky beginning for the NRM government...

New Vision TV brings you the analysis on the first budget by NRM government and the rocky start it hard to deliver on the promises the leadership had made during the swearing-in ceremony in 1986.