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Museveni, Kenyatta discuss sugar trade

If the deal is settled, Uganda is set to become a dominant sugar exporter within the East African Community

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Sugar industry set for major shakeup

Last year, data from Uganda Sugar Manufacturers Association shows that the country produced 365,000 tons of sugar

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Do we have a shortage of Sugar?

The Handshake examines whether there is a shortage of sugar in the country

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Honey slowly replacing sugar

Honey from bees is also the most recommended medically and used to make cosmetics.

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Sugar not so sweet for mental health

Researchers compared the reported sugar intake of more than 8,000 people in a long-term study to their mood.

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Hotlines launched to enforce new sugar price...

Sugar distributors pledged not sell sugar above sh5,000 per kilogram

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FDC calls for ban on sugar exportation

A kilogram of sugar now costs as much as sh7000 at several shops

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How to break sugar addiction

So if you’re already hooked on sugar, how do you let go?

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Stevia: the natural green substitute for...

“It is 200 times sweeter than sugar. One kilo of stevia is equivalent to 200kg of sugar."

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Government pledges to support small sugar...

Cabinet has already passed the new Sugar Bill 2015, which will provide for mechanisms to support all sugar millers in the country


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Exercising indoors: President Museveni...

President Museveni stopped Ugandans from exercising in public to stem the spread of the coronavirus. He said he would show them how to instead do it indoors - and true to his word, he has released pictures and footage doing so.