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How Facebook could stop a disease outbreak...

Immunising well-connected individuals would remove social "bridges" by which germs can spread, experts wrote in the Journal.

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Facebook 'to test news story paywalls'

The service was launched two years ago and competes with Google's AMP.

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Online sharing a treasure trove for snoops...

"Many people live their lives quite publicly," allowing spies, or criminals to track them, says Endpoint Technologies Analyst Roger Kay.

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Twitter plunges as buyout hopes fade

Twitter, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, has yet to make a profit.

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Social media to aid agricultural development...

It is important to stream live and report events as they happen. Being able to do that across your platforms instantly reaches an even wider audience....

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Instagram adds everyday 'Stories' in Snapchat...

The move ramps up competition with Snapchat, which became a hit with messages that disappear shortly after being viewed.

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Man captures his own murder on phone

In the Facebook Live video, Antonio Perkins, 28, inadvertently captured his own murder.

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Shorts na Lesu rocks Kampala

A new social event takes Kampala by storm.

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Twitter acts to curb 'abusive,' 'hateful'...

"Today, as part of our continued efforts to combat abuse, we're updating the Twitter Rules (...)"


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Kaggwa's umbrella folds

The human rights activists is said to have collapsed from his car at Mulago round about while on his way to work.