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How to avoid snakebites

Snakes usually will not attack unless they feel threatened.

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How to deal with snakes in your backyard...

“Stay ram rod still and let it slither away,” tips Kasange. “They normally strike in defence against potential danger after feeling vibrations in their...

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Kamuli, Mubende, Gulu top in number of snakebites...

The survey showed that Kumuli registered 349 cases of snakebites, Mubende 326, Yumbe 395, Amuru 283 between July 2017 to July 2018.

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How to prevent snakes in your compound with...

The principle of snake repelling is based on making the surrounding unwelcome for snakes

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Snakes invade Lake Katwe salt mining community...

Over 300 people earn a living from Lake Katwe by mining the rock salt


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Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.