Thursday,October 17,2019 02:36 AM

Smart Phones

Popefrancis 318x200

Put down those smartphones! - Pope rebukes...

Recently, Pope Francis warned that the death of face-to-face conversations could have dire consequences for society.

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'Smart' denim promises touchscreen tech clothes...

The future of the popular fabric was the focus at a recent international fashion fair in Paris

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Life goes mobile in Uganda

From 40,000 phones to 22,000,000 in 20 years

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Zuri launches four phone models in Uganda...

The entry of Zuri brings the number of top phone brands to about 15.

Nokia 318x200

Nokia to make mobile, tablets comeback

Nokia says it will licence its brand to a new Finnish company which will produce phones and tablets under the Nokia name.

Ipad 318x200

Apple goes small for new iPhone, iPad

The price tag puts the cherished Apple brand within better reach to people in developing economies.

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Samsung, tech suppliers sink on smartphone...

The 40 percent fall in Samsung's net profit and Apple's report fuelled fears about the saturated smartphone market and the impact on smaller firms that...

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Your tablet screen is brought to you with...

This Christmas, as consumers around the world hope Santa will give them a smartphone, TV or tablet computer, few people know that the lowly carrot inspired...


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Flying high like a butterfly

Butterflies are very attractive insects. Many international celebrities have used them as symbols.