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Sleeping Sickness

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First all-oral treatment for sleeping sickness...

According to experts, Fexinidazole will support international efforts to eliminate sleeping sickness, a fatal neglected tropical disease endemic to Africa....

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Newly approved pill rapidly cures sleeping...

The new drug, fexinidazole, which comes as a simple pill, cures all stages of the disease within 10 days.

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Waterbuck perfumes can put off tsetse fly...

Tsetse flies cause a disease called nagana in livestock and sleeping sickness in humans.

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Gov’t moves in to rid Karamoja of tsetse...

“We are in this region to find out first what type of tsetse flies there are, what diseases they carry and their age."


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A rocky beginning for the NRM government...

New Vision TV brings you the analysis on the first budget by NRM government and the rocky start it hard to deliver on the promises the leadership had made during the swearing-in ceremony in 1986.