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Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa

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Yemen: A nation in danger

Yemen is in crisis, 18 million Yemenis are on the brink of starvation, 80 percent of the population is in immediate danger and the growing humanitarian...

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Wakiso murders: Cleric prays for arrest of...

He called upon state institutions responsible for investigations to expedite the process

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The woes of being a superhuman

Pain is not a word that can be misunderstood. No matter how one uses it, it could only refer to an unpleasant sensation.

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How spreading love enhances tolerance

Love enhances coming together and courteous treatment that suit lofty human senses. Love results in mercy, affection and affinity to become a characteristic...

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Prophet of Islam as celebrated by Western...

Prophet of Islam as celebrated by Western admirers By Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa This being the month (Rabil al-Awwal) of the birth of Prophet Muhammad...


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Tanzania ferry disaster toll passes...

Although hopes are fading of finding any more survivors, workers rescue an engineer who managed to locate a pocket of air in the vessel.