Friday,November 16,2018 10:39 AM
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Rosemary Sseninde

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Primary schools lacking qualified teachers...

Research shows that many children world over, are failing to acquire basic literacy skills before they exit the education system

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MP Seninde carries out farming to implement...

It is not only her passion; it has become her second nature. It has always been her sanctuary and keeps her from grueling world politics.

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Minister Seninde urges parents to feed their...

The minister castigated some parents for abandoning their responsibilities of feeding their children and providing them with scholastic materials.

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Minister warns on use of smartphones by children...

The minister also spoke ill about the dressing of the girl child

Minister critical of ‘endless’ meetings

Rosemary Sseninde says it's more important to implement what is discussed in meetings.


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Prince William honors two Ugandan...

Prince William, who is also Duke of Cambridge, handed Obwona the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award for his dedication as a ranger protecting the wildlife of Murchison Falls National Park.