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Keeping coronavirus out of your home  

There seemed to be a lot of time for us at home. So, we picked a catalogue of bonding events to choose from and take advantage of a catastrophe.The first...

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Dating in the time of coronavirus: chat online,...

"We don't know who needs to hear this, but now is NOT the time to go out with your date to a bar,"

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‘If I like a guy, I avoid him'

There are some cultural norms that are not harmful. So, if anyone is comfortable, go ahead; if they are uncomfortable, leave it. It is about one’s choice....

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AGONY: My husband sexually starves me

I am sexually starved but he has failed to understand my feelings and yet I do not want to cheat on him.

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I’m stuck with a slay queen

It is bad and the few times he has tried to chase her, she refused to go.

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How do I trick my dad into doing a vasectomy?...

He impregnated a 17-year-old in 2014 and the village leaders forced him to take her on as his second wife. That girl has had four children so far.

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🔊 PODCAST| Dr Love Notes - Trends in relationships...

Dr Love continues to discuss the trends and changes in relationships, love marriage and sex. He says that today, there is partnership in a marriage, where...

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I’m single and traumatized

Meanwhile, I have failed to get a man to marry me. The men who approach me are fake, poor and don't fit my minimum standards.

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Our daughter hooks up my husband with girls...

She then started shopping for him and encouraging him to dress up like the youth. All that didn’t bother me until I discovered that she has been introducing...


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As rich nations battle COVID-19,...

The outbreak has infected some 580,000 people and killed over 26,000 around the world after emerging in China in December last year.