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My wife is too close to her male colleague...

Since they work together, I believe they meet every day, but some of their calls are made during the time both of them are not supposed to be at work....

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My husband has stopped me from using make-up...

At first, he was okay with me wearing my make-up but as soon as we got married, he stopped me from using it.

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My wife insists on having another baby

I think we should stop there, especially because we are struggling financially to look after them.

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He is too close to his mum

The family is close-knit and he tells them all about his problems and plans and I am always left in the dark.

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He broke my heart and now wants me back

He moved in with a new girlfriend and I also painfully tried to move on, although I missed him.

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Is he settling a score?

He has been so supportive, but recently, he told me to move on if I wanted.

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My mother-in-law will not give us space

She is always at our home and wants to be with him all the time.

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I want another baby but my husband says...

We agreed to five or six children, he pays the bills and I pay for anything the children need so it is not a money issue or space issue.

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My husband is texting his old crush

In the chat he is telling an old female friend of his, that she is pretty and also goes on to say that , before getting married he had a huge crush on...

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He wants a sixth child

We already have four girls and one boy, but he says wants a second boy


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Iran executes nurse convicted of...

The woman was found guilty of carrying out the murder in June 2016 while working for the boy's grandmother.