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Rabies outbreak: One dead, three admitted,...

World Health Organisation (WHO), defines rabies as an infectious viral disease that is almost fatal upon the onset of clinical symptoms.

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Dogs kill local council chairman

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), rabies is an infectious viral disease that is almost always fatal following the onset of clinical symptoms...

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Uganda’s stand in the fight against rabies:...

Worst of all, rabies is responsible for more human deaths than any other zoonosis.

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Mulago loses five children to rabies

"This is serious and calls for immediate action, as pediatricians, we are pushing and advocating to get vaccines in all health centres, because vaccination...

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Animal vaccination against rabies gets underway...

The exercise kicks off with the five divisions of Kampala


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Meet the Acholi Prince who prefers...

20-year-old Eric Opoka commonly known for his stage name as Eezzy is the hottest musical item in Northern Uganda.