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Primary Leaving Examinations

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PARENTING: How to recover from disappointments...

With selections for Senior One done last week, there are many children who failed to get vacancies at the schools of their choice and are devastated. Here...

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Setbacks as PLE starts

A total of 646,080 candidates on started writing their final Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

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Senior One to start on February 13

A total of 445,546 students are expected to be admitted

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MP says teachers in Buyende are incompetent...

"Teachers need to love their profession and take it seriously"

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KCCA to embark on inspection of schools

Kampala recorded an improvement in the 2016 Primary Leaving Examinations

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Head teacher arrested for embezzling PLE...

Nakyeso narrates that two days ago it was discovered that his and other pupils' registration fees were embezzled by their head teacher, Elsie Birungi,...

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640,860 pupils to sit PLE

The distribution of examination materials went ahead smoothly

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Schools cautioned on examination malpractice...

Over 80 primary schools were flagged for exam malpractice last year

Kole DEO to reward best PLE performers

Abilonino Demonstration Primary School produced more than 10 first grades in last year’s PLE

Students detain headmaster for swindling...

He is alleged to have mismanaged over sh912,000


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Meet the Acholi Prince who prefers...

20-year-old Eric Opoka commonly known for his stage name as Eezzy is the hottest musical item in Northern Uganda.