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Trouw Nutrition joins Harvest money expo...

“We have decided to be part of the expo because of the value it adds to the agricultural sector,” Samuel Ssewagudde, the technical sales manager of Trouw...

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The beauty in pigs

Acan is one of the district’s big names in poultry and piggery.

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How we keep rodents away from our poultry...

Rodents like poultry houses for three different reasons. They provide an almost unlimited supply of food, water and in many cases hiding places in which...

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Uganda declared free of bird flu

“Uganda is free from the highly pathogenic bird flu,” declares Christopher Kibazanga, the minister of state for agriculture.

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Farmers cry 'fowl' as eggs poisoned by insecticide...

The insecticide is commonly used in veterinary products to get rid of fleas, lice and ticks.

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Bird flu: Countrywide surveillance of wild...

A team has been dispatched to conduct an annual count of water birds in different parts of the country.

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Denied toilet breaks, workers resort to diapers...

"We're concerned about these anonymous claims and while we currently have no evidence they're true."


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Meet the Acholi Prince who prefers...

20-year-old Eric Opoka commonly known for his stage name as Eezzy is the hottest musical item in Northern Uganda.