Saturday,August 15,2020 07:31 AM


Potholes still eating up Kampala roads

Potholes have continued to enlarge leaving many citizens wondering whose responsibility it is to help repair these roads.

Residents decry the appalling state of roads...

The most wanting roads include those on Bufunda Street, Jubilee road, Kagongo road and Mpiira street, where the tarmac has developed several potholes.These...

GulliesĀ eat up roads in Kawempe

The roads have been eaten up by gullies formed as a result of running water.

Old Port Bell Road: a death trap?

The potholes in this stretch have amalgamated into ditches and channels, which has led to permanent traffic jams as vehicles as forced to crawl as they...


Pets can teach kids responsibility

Pets can teach kids responsibility

Animals will teach your children more about being responsible than you possibly can. A year ago, I decided to bring a hen...