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Oyam District

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Two killed in Karuma accident

A total of five people have perished in road accidents in Oyam district within a period of one week, and over 20 have been injured in the same accidents....

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Hard times hit Oyam cattle traders

Farmers in Oyam district are using cattle more in the gardens to plough rather than selling them for meat.

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Brothers lynched after they were found with...

The brothers and a third man were seen leading a bull at 5:00am, before they were pounced on.

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Police burns marijuana worth sh50m

Residents were warned of dire consequences if caught growing marijuana.

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Notice from Oyam district

Open national bidding

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16-yr-old girl strangled to death in attempted...

The girl's grandmother had gone to funeral and didn't return

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Death toll from Oyam accident climbs to five...

The victims were from Kulu Modo in Goch Goma Sub County in Nwoya district

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Man who escaped from jail threatens victim’s...

“He escaped and he is at large. He is threatening to harm us."

Nine killed in Oyam accident

The driver of the lorry took off immediately after the incident

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Oyam district eats big in new cabinet

Betty Amongi Akena (lands minister) is among the newly appointed ministers.


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Election that plunged Uganda into...

In the FINAL part of the election that plunged Uganda into war, New Vision TV looks at the post war career of Yoweri Museveni, whose party had come third in the polls, after he successfully waged a five-year peoples war.