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Why Gen. Muntu can never successfully belong...

One of the most salient tools used against Muntu was that he is an NRM party mole.

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Intellectual Property Rights: The missing...

In principle, the Ugandan law protects intellectual property rights.

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MPs move to extend their term of office is...

Let us not be hoodwinked into thinking MPs push to prolong their term is normal or about serving Ugandans.

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How the nurses betrayed me yet I started...

Nurses, like doctors, need a new breed of leadership that will revolutionise the profession

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International Crisis Group misrepresented...

ICG also manufactured grounds to blame the woes in Uganda’s opposition political parties on President Museveni.

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Embrace volunteerism to tackle youth unemployment...

Uganda is ranked the youngest population in the world, with 77% of its population being under 30.

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Electricity retail tarrifs: The Impact of...

In December 2017, the Authority will announce the Base Tariffs applicabl

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The chinese influence in EA and Africa

Uganda should copy the Kenyan trading policy, where the manufacturers’ remains at their b

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Fix the entire economy, not just salaries...

Generally, there has been a reduction in economic production in the country, but with an intimidating population growth.

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Dialogue can end strikes in public service...

There is no doubt that the striking public officers have genuine grievances which have not been fully resolved by their employer.


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South Africa minister advises on...

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, women account for less than 30% of the world’s researchers

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