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Bishop Stuart University: Roosters were once...

The core value of transparency has been promoted.

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Uganda’s steady path to longevity and progress...

The increased child survival, coupled with persistently high fertility, has led to a large segment of young people.

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Call for national day of fasting

The king of the Ninevians did it, so you can.

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Why Karl Marx was wrong

Marx regarded private property as the source of all evil in the emerging capitalist societies of his day.

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The quagmire Uganda’s Opposition politicians...

Anywar's last-ditch attempt to get a hold on Amama-Mbabazi’s Go-Forward umbrella also came unstuck, leaving her looking like the ‘spy’ Mafabi talked...

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Onesmus Twinamasiko, you are no different...

When you opened your mouth over a week ago, you said this of wife beating, “You need to touch her a bit, you tackle her, beat her somehow to really streamline...

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Police woes: Is it political sabotage?

The responsible officers should resign for failing to effectively fulfil the President’s command of cleaning the Police of infiltrators.

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Create more districts, the masses shall pay...

The district planners seem unbothered or absolutely incapable of tapping into the opportunity the highway offers to boost local businesses.

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China’s green opportunity

As China builds a low-carbon economy, it enjoys a massive resource advantage.

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Bunga-Bunga Party returns to Italy

Berlusconi has softened his image, by speaking up for pensioners and professing a new interest in animal rights


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The battle that awaits Uganda Airlines...

Will the Uganda Airlines survive in the already dominated bussiness?