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Onesmus Twinamasiko, you are no different...

When you opened your mouth over a week ago, you said this of wife beating, “You need to touch her a bit, you tackle her, beat her somehow to really streamline...

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Police woes: Is it political sabotage?

The responsible officers should resign for failing to effectively fulfil the President’s command of cleaning the Police of infiltrators.

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Create more districts, the masses shall pay...

The district planners seem unbothered or absolutely incapable of tapping into the opportunity the highway offers to boost local businesses.

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China’s green opportunity

As China builds a low-carbon economy, it enjoys a massive resource advantage.

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Bunga-Bunga Party returns to Italy

Berlusconi has softened his image, by speaking up for pensioners and professing a new interest in animal rights

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Why Gen. Muntu can never successfully belong...

One of the most salient tools used against Muntu was that he is an NRM party mole.

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Intellectual Property Rights: The missing...

In principle, the Ugandan law protects intellectual property rights.

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MPs move to extend their term of office is...

Let us not be hoodwinked into thinking MPs push to prolong their term is normal or about serving Ugandans.

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How the nurses betrayed me yet I started...

Nurses, like doctors, need a new breed of leadership that will revolutionise the profession

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International Crisis Group misrepresented...

ICG also manufactured grounds to blame the woes in Uganda’s opposition political parties on President Museveni.


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Makerere University scraps evening...

“Since all continuing students of Makerere University currently enrolled on the evening programmes will continue with their studies until successful completion, there is need to continue remunerating staff offering services on the evening programme,”...