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Oil In Uganda

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The future of oil in Uganda

The Handshake examines the future of oil in Uganda.

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Ensure local participation in the oil pipeline...

Oil as a natural resource is good for economic development and based on experiences from other oil rich countries as well as experiences within Uganda...

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Why Uganda should reconsider oil tax amendment...

Oil companies will not only pay income taxes at the onset of oil production

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Oil is a water-thirsty sector

In all, at least 500,000 cubic metres of water will be needed daily

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How prepared is Uganda for oil spills?

The Nile delta is where River Nile meets Lake Albert and is among the most ecologically gifted parts of the Albertine

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Oil industry development in Uganda - Why...

The world relies on fossil fuel as the main source of energy.

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The Handshake:Pipe line flagging off

The Handshake's discussion on Pipe line flagging off

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Museveni's speech at launch of oil pipeline...

Uganda's current oil reserves stand at 6.5 billion barrels with 1.7 billion recoverable from the ground

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Oil firms start detailed plans for production...

The pipeline will be expected to move 216,000 barrels of oil per day to the international market from Hoima

Petroleum Authority clears 293 companies...

A total of 753 entities submitted applications, 501 were from companies registered in Uganda


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South Africa minister advises on...

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, women account for less than 30% of the world’s researchers

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