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Oil In Uganda

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Oranto seeks seismic acquisition services...

The seismic will provide a more accurate picture of the oil potential, in a complicated block, that has oil resource both in the lake and out of it

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Youth are ready for oil sector jobs

The key challenges for youth today include the lack of jobs; difficulty in obtaining a first job, under employment and job quality

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Infrastructure hikes Uganda's debt

Uganda's debt continues to grow, it has hit 15.1 billion US dollars.

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How will oil waste be managed

In the following report we explore oil waste management as one of the measures taken to mitigate the possible damage on the environment.

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Exploring Uganda’s opportunities in oil

An insight exploring Uganda’s opportunities in oil

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Updated oil suppliers’ database to be released...

The 2018 database was supposed to be concluded in December last year, but complications arising from a switch to online submissions have delayed the process....

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The future of oil in Uganda

The Handshake examines the future of oil in Uganda.

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Ensure local participation in the oil pipeline...

Oil as a natural resource is good for economic development and based on experiences from other oil rich countries as well as experiences within Uganda...

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Why Uganda should reconsider oil tax amendment...

Oil companies will not only pay income taxes at the onset of oil production

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Oil is a water-thirsty sector

In all, at least 500,000 cubic metres of water will be needed daily


Vipers warm-up ahead of new season...

The idea behind this is to ensure that players are really focused.