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Office Of The Prime Minister

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Karamoja receives over 286.2 metric tonnes...

Speaking at the handover ceremony of grains for the year 2017 held at Namalu prisons on Thursday in Nakapiripirit district, the minister for Karamoja affairs...

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How Labs Approach can unlock the potential...

The lab participants develop fresh ideas and translate high level strategies into detailed and costed ‘3 feet’ (realistic) implementation plans.

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Notice of the Office of the Prime Minister...


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Notice from the Office of the Prime Minister...

Orientation of the Local Governments on the Local Government Performance Assessment Manual

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Kaberamaido pupils studying under trees

They wrote to the Office of the Prime Minister for support but nothing has been done yet

Police to deploy in West Nile refugee camps...

Bad blood in the camps is a problem for humanitarian aid workers to deliver services to the refuges

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Government trains 40 farmers on walking tractor...

The training will boost agricultural productivity in the region

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Office of the Prime Minister

Bid notice (Procurement of courier services under framework contract)

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Office of the Prime Minister

Procurement of office space for the Prime Minister's delivery unit (OPM/NCONS/15-16/00492)


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In pictures: 24 years of King Oyo...

Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV has occupied the Toro kingdom throne for nearly two-and-a-half decades now. We take a look at how far he has come.