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Proper food for babies

Fruits are also important, but because the chances of choking are high, they should be mashed.

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Today's recipe: Rice mixed with bacon

This is one of the easiest dishes anyone can cook and eat in less than 30 minutes.

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Uganda to host conference on food safety...

Uganda is a member of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, an international food standards body formed by FAO and WHO.

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Diet guidelines 'biased against poor nations'...

"Contrary to popular belief, increased consumption of dietary fats is associated with a lower risk of death."

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Wake up to a glass of water

You can make it a glass or two as long as it is warm or at room temperature.

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A development investment for the ages

We have shined a spotlight on a wide range of important causes

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What meat won't do, beans will

Most people look at beans as a meal for school-going children.

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Don’t ignore that lemon fruit

There are always plenty of lemons on the market beginning March until August.

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Sweet potato leaves are a healthy vegetable...

Did you know that leaves also have painkilling properties?

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Why supper should be light

The meal should adequately meet one’s body nutrition requirements depending on age, sex and level of physical activity.


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Felix Kaweesi's 'lover' held hostage...

The SOS was reportedly sent by Muhoza who Kasingye described as the “so-called Kaweesi girlfriend”.