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Initial Alternatives to mobile money tax...

Ugandan taxpayers are suffering with a hefty budget through footing the monthly bill of Public Service Pension. Beyond being taxed (with annual tax increments...

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Voluntary contributors want mid-term access...

Activities lined up at the week-long engagement include financial literacy trainings and product education to equip members with financial knowledge

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NSSF banking on mobile payment to drive voluntary...

“Today, we have been able to raise sh250m on our mobile platform and we have increased the voluntary contributions,” NSSF MD said.

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What next for former NSSF boss Jamwa?

David Chandi Jamwa has been sent back to prison to serve a dozen years for causing financial loss and abusing office. So what next for the former NSSF...

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Former NSSF boss Jamwa loses appeal

The verdict means Jamwa, accused of causing sh2.7b to the pensions body, will have to remain behind bars.

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NSSF Ssali dismissal steeped in revenge

There has been a long history of fights and acrimony amongst top technocrats at NSSF ever since the fund was set up in 1985.

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NSSF deputy MD replaced

The NSSF board made the decision not to renew Ssali's contract following a detailed staff and corporate affairs report that concluded she was not suitable...

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Here is how you can benefit from NSSF

The handshake explores how you could benefit from NSSF.

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Two companies licensed to provide pension...

There has been need to establish a fund which caters for informal workers.

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MPs grill KCCA officials over NSSF contributions...

“Failure to remit employees NSSF contributions results into penalties and fines to KCCA and delayed remittances denies employees interest earnings on their...


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Ugandans urged to embrace yoga...

Yoga enhances a balance between mind and body, thus creating a healthy living.