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NSSF Ssali dismissal steeped in revenge

There has been a long history of fights and acrimony amongst top technocrats at NSSF ever since the fund was set up in 1985.

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NSSF deputy MD replaced

The NSSF board made the decision not to renew Ssali's contract following a detailed staff and corporate affairs report that concluded she was not suitable...

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Here is how you can benefit from NSSF

The handshake explores how you could benefit from NSSF.

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Two companies licensed to provide pension...

There has been need to establish a fund which caters for informal workers.

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MPs grill KCCA officials over NSSF contributions...

“Failure to remit employees NSSF contributions results into penalties and fines to KCCA and delayed remittances denies employees interest earnings on their...

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NSSF abandons interest on Uganda Clays loan...

“The company and the NSSF have agreed in principle to convert the entire loan and interest into equity.

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Notice from NSSF

Mbuyasoho apartments

Nssfuseuselogo 318x200

Notice from NSSF

Mbuyasoho apartments

Musisi to public: report corrupt officials...

The KCCA boss says a number of officials are tarnishing the body's name.

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Workers MPs oppose liberalization of pension...

The workers' MPs now join the Minister for Public Service, Muruli Mukasa and his ministry technocrats in opposing the Bill


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South Africa minister advises on...

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, women account for less than 30% of the world’s researchers

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