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NCS council inaugurated

Newly minted NCS chairman Don Rukare has promised to go to work on several issues that have made work difficult at the NCS.

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Donald Rukare appointed new NCS chairperson...

The appointed was announced by State Minister for Sports Hamson Obua during the flagging off of the National Boxing team the "Bombers" on Friday at the...

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NCS promise to clear sewage from the Cricket...

Ogwel explained that the persistent rains of the previous year were the final straw in the breakdown of the oval’s inadequate system

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National sports associations asked to live...

“It is one thing to ask for resources from the government and another for you to meet requirements."

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NCS anticipates an increase in the sports...

Over the past two decades, funding has grown astronomically from shs444m in 2000 to Shs17.4bn this financial year 2018/19.

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Brian Umony foundation gets boost ahead of...

The foundation will next month visit Mulimira Zone in Kamwokya where a ‘Brian Umony 11’ will play against a Kamwokya 11 and also donate to the needy.

NCS calls for accountability from national...

NCS has established a monitoring and evaluation exercise for the associations that will be done four times a year.

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Govt to repeal 1964 Sports Act

A national task force has completed the drafting of the bill.

Tennis: UTA still grappling with ITF debt...

UTA ceased to be affiliated to ITF in 2012, after failing to clear their annual subscription of $4000 (sh14.5m)

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CoRSU Hospital donates to NCS

The offer comes months after CoRSU organized a screening program for athletic injuries.


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As rich nations battle COVID-19,...

The outbreak has infected some 580,000 people and killed over 26,000 around the world after emerging in China in December last year.