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The life and times of Gen. Biraaro

“During his 2016 presidential campaign, Biraaro was very passionate about agricultural modernisation.

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PICTURES: Museveni's last leg to Bireembo...

President Yoweri Museveni led a team of hundreds including veterans, youth and well-wishers in the symbolic trek code-named 'Africa Kwetu' covering almost...

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When Museveni walked 200km to honour NRA...

We revisit the trek as it unfolded in the news and the fascinating interactions he had with the numerous Ugandans along the way.

Preparations in high gear as historic trek...

The Trek organised by the NRA Archives Unit comes 20 years after the President did the same trek in 1999

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Museveni to lead 100km trek celebrating NRA...

The symbolic trek code-named “Africa Kwetu” will start on January 6 and will last three days

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Acholi region to host Tarehe Sita fete

Terehe Sita is marked on 6th February every year to mark the National Resistance Army’s first attack on Kabamba barracks.

My heroes are NRA soldiers

I can roll off the names of the Kazo fighters who deserted the UNLA to join NRA

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Government, DP plan for Ssebaana burial

The meeting took place Tuesday at the office of the prime minister and it was chaired by the Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda.


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Uganda's top ten female athletes...

There has been a steady rise in female representation in Ugandan sport. Let's go down memory lane to check out the female crème de crème of Uganda’s athletics.