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National Motocross Championship

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Round six of National Motocross Championship...

Round six of National Motocross Championship

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The Blicks return to challenge the Omars...

Ali Omar is the defending champion of the buggy championship and a crowd favourite

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Motorsport fans braced for Garuga double...

The day will start with motocross action in the morning and then climax with the rally car sprint

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Motocross: Foreign riders make an impression...

Maxime Van Pee scored the highest national championship points.

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Motocross: Foreign riders to light up Busiika...

The 6th round of the national championship is promising to be entertaining for motorsport fans

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Motocross backers urged to up their sponsorship...

Some sponsors made assurances of their commitment to increase sponsorship packages

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Motocross: Van Pee urges riders to step up...

Team Uganda will be beefed up by the Orland brothers who will join the team next month from USA

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Sentamu gets boost ahead of Motocross 2

The 13-year-old rider gets a helping hand from the National Council of Sports.

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Motocross: Riders to renew rivalry

National team captain Maxime van Pee is wary of his competition.

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Motocross: Van Pee to tackle Kenya championship...

The 23-year-old rider won the 2016 National Motocross Championship


Bakayimbiradramactorsasceneintheirplayndiwulira1992 318x200

Uganda: A nation of drama

Theatre, which did not just play the role of a mirror to the troubled society of our war years, lost its appeal when it diverted to the “merely funny”. Since it did not give much hope to audiences, the fast growing Pentecostal movement took its place....