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Nabagereka Slyvia Naginda

Nnabagereka to use cultural education to...

The chairperson of NDF, Andrew Adrian Mukiibi, said human values are key in shaping character and human transformation.

A New Millennium, Y2K jitters and a world...

The computers did not crash. The world did not end. And Uganda sailed smoothly into 2000.

Ford foundation commends Nnabagereka

The organisation promised more support to the kingdom’s developmental projects.

Kabaka to grace Kisaakaate closing ceremony...

Buganda Kingdom has been organising the Kisaakaate since 2007.


Autopsy finds cop suffocated black man as US braces for more fury

Autopsy finds cop suffocated black man as...

Minneapolis, United States - An autopsy found Monday that an African-American man whose death has set off nationwide unrest...