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Today, in Mwalimu

The annual prize launched in 2014 is given to teachers who “Have made outstanding contribution to the profession.”

Are vocational institutes a new gold mine?...

There are still strong negative social perceptions and stigma about vocational education and training in Uganda

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212 adolescents get infected with HIV weekly...

HIV incidence among adolescents is at an 11.6% (11,026) high

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World Bank blamed for sh540bn schools loan...

A survey discovered that thousands of schools around the country are stuck with stockpiles of expired chemicals

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In this week's Mwalimu

The Ugandan education system today should prioritise four broad concepts.

Batwa’s education struggle amidst marginalisation...

They knew nothing about education, health, clothing and the life outside the forest.

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80% secondary schools poorly managed- report...

If Government were to close secondary schools which do not meet the required minimum standards, only 20% of them would survive. Why?

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Poorly trained teachers choking education...

Teachers’ low performance in national examinations is later partly reflected in the quality of pupils they teach.


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Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.