Tuesday,September 25,2018 15:30 PM


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Ten on trial over killing of Monaco heiress...

Helene Pastor was leaving a hospital in Nice on the French Riviera after visiting her son on May 6, 2014, when a gunman shot her and her driver.

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‘How to Murder Your Husband' author arrested...

Relatives were stunned by the news, and the author’s sister is convinced Nancy is innocent

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38-year-old man arrested over wife’s murder...

Bakebwa is alleged to have murdered his wife, Gloria Katushabe by beheading her and cutting her severely with a panga.

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MP runs to Kadaga over threat to his life...

Kadaga revealed that the Parliamentary Commission had earlier this week decided that lawmakers that feel their security is under threat will have their...

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Man murders wife over sex

The deceased Mega Shakira Naiwumbwe was hacked on the head by an axe after being accused by her husband, Musa Bakaki of having extramarital affairs.

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Woman, 60, gang-raped, murdered

The Police arrived at the scene shortly, but could do little to track the assailants since the residents had tampered with it.

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Muhammad Kirumira shot dead near his home...

The woman in Kirumira's car at the time of the assassination was not his wife, as initially reported, Police said, withholding her name.

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S.Sudan soldiers guilty of raping aid workers,...

One accused was acquitted while another, a military commander accused of overseeing the chilling attack, died in prison last October.

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Philippine mayor on Duterte's 'narco list'...

Watchdogs have expressed concern Duterte's narcotics crackdown may be emboldening assailants.

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Suspect in 1998 murder of Dutch boy arrested...

He had been sexually abused before he was killed.


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Tanzania ferry disaster toll passes...

Although hopes are fading of finding any more survivors, workers rescue an engineer who managed to locate a pocket of air in the vessel.