Sunday,July 05,2020 11:26 AM
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Mr. Ofwono Opondo

Stop flip-flopping over Murchison Falls

It is inconceivable that while other countries are building artificial tourism sites, we, in Uganda, seek to destroy ours.

New passports for all holders from January...

Unless one has an urgent trip, they do not have to renew the old passports now. They can wait until January 15 and apply for the electronic passports....

Govt okays national dialogue

Ofwono expressed concern about the selection of participants to present views during the proposed new national dialogue conference.

Buganda's stand was misunderstood

“The feudalists at Buganda’s Mmengo held this rather false view that if they shunned, rejected, actively boycotted and opposed the mainstream debate and...


Autopsy finds cop suffocated black man as US braces for more fury

Autopsy finds cop suffocated black man as...

Minneapolis, United States - An autopsy found Monday that an African-American man whose death has set off nationwide unrest...