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As it happened: Uganda Today - Thursday,...

Health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng makes an appearance at Green Hill Academy in Kampala to witness her daughter, nephews and nieces get vaccinated against...

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Places to see before you die: Uganda ranked...

"We are steadily positioning Uganda as a preferred tourist destination in Africa."

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Human-gorilla conflict management efforts...

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is also using several other methods to manage human–wildlife conflict

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Uganda’s Mountain gorillas’ habitats wither...

Uganda’s forests — and the mountain gorilla’s habitat - have shrunk greatly over recent years.

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Uganda gives green light to oil works in...

The gorillas have been caught in an oil debate. Should the oil be left in the ground?

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Another gorilla gives birth in Bwindi

A naming ceremony were people bid to name the new-borns is being considered.

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Uganda fourth tourism destination in the...

Uganda christened as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ by Winston Churchill, a former British prime minister has not has not been performing to its potential.

UWA advised on gorilla permits

"The Uganda Wildlife Authority should habituate more gorilla families to address the issue of monopoly of gorilla permits."


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When mobile phones came to Uganda...

President Yoweri Museveni encouraged other investors to emulate Celtel and “invest in the future of Uganda”.