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How to tell if a used car has been in an...

Look for panel gaps too! Gaps, anywhere, be it in the sides of the panel, the width of the panel, or front fenders and front doors shows some difference,...

Master the art of reverse parking

George Mugisha, a driving instructor in Kawempe, says reverse parking is a technic someone learning to drive must master specifically because it is important...

Picking the right car tyre

Moses Kayiira a mechanic notes that the type of tyre a car uses is determined by the car rim and incase a motorist wanted to change to another type, they...

Is it wise to buy a manual car?

Some experts say manual cars allow better control of grip, transfer of weight and modification

Dealing with medical emergency in traffic...

One should get out and explain to any Police officer the need to rush to hospital or to any other place for help

Pay attention to your tyres

When you notice uneven tread wear, it could be due to a misalignment.

The dos and don'ts of driving at night

Using full lights leaves other road users blind.

Tube versus tubeless tyres

tubeless tires and wheels are quiet expensive.

Underfueling your car? Here's what could...

In the longrun, underfueling damages your car engine.

Five parking mistakes motorists make

Too much sun will spoil your car tyres.


Pets can teach kids responsibility

Pets can teach kids responsibility

Animals will teach your children more about being responsible than you possibly can. A year ago, I decided to bring a hen...