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Karamoja mourns former Moroto South MP Athiyo...

Athiyo, died at 91 years last Friday, July 5th at his home in Kitende along Entebbe road according to the state minister for Karamoja Affairs Moses Kizige....

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Heavy rains lead to power blackouts in Moroto,...

Heavy rains batter Moroto amidst power blackout

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MP assaulted in chaotic council session

The seating was briefly suspended as councillors struggled to stop the assailant

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Notice from Moroto District


Residentsofkatangavillageatthesceneofmurderonthesuburbsofmorotomunicipalityphotobyolandasonwanyama 318x200

Thugs kill two in Moroto

The death brings to a total of six women and one man who have been strangled under mysterious circumstances by unknown assailants in two months.

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Moroto’s Independence Monument

The concrete monument was constructed in the 1962, when Karamoja district lowered the Union Jack and raised the current Uganda flag after decades of colonial...

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Kasimeri PS: Moroto’s top school at a glance...

Pictured are some of the moments at the dilapidated school

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Moroto operation nets UPDF, Prisons officers...

The suspects were accused of stripping people naked in the night and assaulting innocent persons

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Mysterious fire razes hotel store in Moroto...

At the scene several good Samaritans struggled to put out the fire using sand and dust

Teacher facing defilement charges jailed...

Okwii who had been handcuffed at the hospital asked a Police officer to allow him drink a soda


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Farmers asked to embrace new farming...

Agroecology promotes the use of organic materials such as animal manure, plant residues, digging up water channels in farms, integrating trees and minimal use of agrochemicals in farming