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Study hints at alien life on Saturn's moon...

Traces of methane were previously detected in vapour emanating from cracks in the surface of Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons that is icy.

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Moon could be wetter than thought, say scientists...

Li noted scientists had believed the Moon to be "bone dry" until about a decade ago,

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Renewed interest in Moon travel under Trump...

Even though President Trump himself has said little about the subject, his close circle and some former NASA officials have made clear their interest in...

Last man to walk on the moon dies at 82

"Even at the age of 82, Gene was passionate about sharing his desire to see the continued human exploration of space."

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Study crashes main Moon-formation theory...

"The multiple impact scenario is a more 'natural' way of explaining the formation of the Moon."

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Did you see the extra bright 'supermoon'?...

Supermoons are actually quite common -- there is one every 14 months on average.

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Closest supermoon since 1948 rises tonight...

The next comparable event will be in 2034, when the Moon will come even closer, by 64km, to Earth.

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A facelift for the Moon every 81,000 years...

Asteroids and comets crashing into the Moon create 180 new craters every year.

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Russia plans return to Mars, Moon

Next month, a Russian Proton rocket is scheduled to launch the first of two missions under ExoMars, a joint venture with the ESA


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A rocky beginning for the NRM government...

New Vision TV brings you the analysis on the first budget by NRM government and the rocky start it hard to deliver on the promises the leadership had made during the swearing-in ceremony in 1986.