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Scandals that set many tongues wagging in...

2019 was not short of scandals.Here are some of the stories that outraged the nation

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MUK scholars to debate on Miss Curvy pageant...

Recently the Speaker of Parliament, Rebeca Kadaga said the plus size women should also be given a platform rather than being discriminated against.

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Kadaga endorses Miss Curvy pageant

The pageant's organiser noted that just like the slender Ugandan women, curvaceous women have the potential to promote Uganda using their abilities

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MPs back Kiwanda on Miss Curvy beauty contest...

“It is just a beauty contest like any other. I don’t see why there is a lot of hullabaloo about it," one MP said.

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Will curvy landscapes attract tourists?

I have travelled world over and am yet to see a country that is as endowed and blessed as Uganda

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MPs blast Minister Kiwanda over “miss curvy”...

The lawmakers vowed to not only condemn, but also block the planned beauty pageant dubbed, “miss curvy Uganda.”

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Museveni speaks out on Miss Curvy

“I suspect these young people were being creative. One of these young people Ann Mungooma is a sharp shooter. Her father was an officer in the army who...

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Ntagali condemns Miss Curvy Uganda

“It undermines the dignity of women and all that we as a church have worked for to advance girl-child education and opportunities for women to take their...

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Kiwanda speaks out on Miss Curvy pageant...

"We are supporting it because it speaks to who we are as Ugandans. Our identities are contrary to what the other pageants sell internationally. Our women...

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Kiwanda under fire over curvy pageant

The minister on Tuesday announced the Miss Curvy beauty pageant to attract tourists.


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🔴 CORONAVIRUS | Uganda confirms...

President Museveni says that of the 176 samples tested by the health ministry on Tuesday, 11 of them - all of them children - returned positive, lifting the total number of confirmed cases in Uganda to 44. Over 800,000 people are infected globally.