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Naguru General Hospital receives medical...

The drugs given included a wide range of items for all departments including supplies and those used for acupuncture and Chinese doctrine.

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Budget: Sh7,700 for every Ugandan for medicine...

“The sh276b allocation to NMS means that sh7, 722 is available for medicine per person."

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Address personnel shortages in pharmaceutical...

It is important that the Government employs enough pharmaceutical cadre with the right skill mix.

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Researchers root for herbal medicine

“People are dying because of ignorance. We have the plants that can treat these complicated diseases."

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The Handshake: Hiked taxes on medicine

Government increased the verification fee on all imported drugs from 2% to 12%

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Smartphones are revolutionizing medicine...

Smartphones can already act as pedometers, count calories and measure heartbeats.

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Dr Mungherera: the mental health champion...

What most people might not know is that even at the break neck speed at which Margaret spoke, she did not say a thing out of place.

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France moves to suspend Vitamin D supplement...

The 10-day-old baby died on December 21 after being given Uvesterol D.

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'Tiny investment needed' for universal access...

Poorer households in low- and middle-income countries spend as much as 9.5% of their income on medicines.

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Scientists outline strategy for AIDS cure...

Today, "the search for a cure has become a top priority in HIV research".


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Uganda’s beauty wows Israelites...

Relations between Uganda and Israel have been good and as a gesture of close diplomatic ties.