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One new drug for three deadly tropical diseases...

The 'neglected tropical diseases' affect tens of millions of people and claim more than 50,000 lives each year.

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Creating mixed human-animal embryos

The prospect of altering an animal's brain to make it more human alarms some experts.

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Asthma pill hailed in early test

"This new drug could be a game-changer for future treatment of asthma."

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Sliver of hope seen in Alzheimer's drug trial...

The findings are part of the first completed phase III trial of an anti-tau drug in Alzheimer's.

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Smart science: Detailed brain map unveiled...

For more than a century, people have sought to delineate the different brain areas and their function.

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Paracetamol 'not effective' against arthritis...

The drug that worked best for arthritis, they found, was diclofenac, say researchers.

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Studies cast doubt on medical research

Scientific studies are considered valid only if they can be reproduced by outside teams of researchers who come to the same conclusions.


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A rocky beginning for the NRM government...

New Vision TV brings you the analysis on the first budget by NRM government and the rocky start it hard to deliver on the promises the leadership had made during the swearing-in ceremony in 1986.