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Brain 318x200

Study links personality to brain shape

The research touches on a question that has occupied the minds of philosophers and scientists for centuries.

Exercise 318x200

'Weekend exercise may be as good as daily...

"It is very encouraging news that being physically active on just one or two occasions per week is associated with a lower risk of death."

Cancerfight 318x200

Preventing cancer spread: study points to...

Researchers said they had discovered a type of tumour cell which spreads cancer from organ to organ.

Aids 318x200

Researchers, HIV sanctuaries disinclined...

Over 70% of the world's 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS are in Africa.

Westnilevirus 318x200

West Nile virus 'can kill years after infection'...

"For several years, we had followed smaller groups of patients and felt that many had died prematurely."

Gsk 318x200

GSK earmarks sh66b for disease research

The initiative is geared towards developing prevention and treatment routines for NCDs and other diseases.

Zebrafish 318x200

Zebrafish offers hope for spinal cord repair...

"This is one of nature's most remarkable feats of regeneration."

Monkey 318x200

Lab-grown stem cells 'regenerate monkey hearts'...

Adult heart stem cells have already been experimentally used in heart attack victims.

Oldage 318x200

Trial drug shows 'impressive' Alzheimer's...

The drug, aducanumab, is only the latest antibody to show promise in an early, Phase I drug trial.

Dog 318x200

Dogs, like humans, distinguish words and...

Dogs, like humans, use the brain's left hemisphere to interpret words.


Trafficking 318x200

Fighting human trafficking in Uganda...

It explains why in 2000 the United National General Assembly adopted a Palermo Protocol that allows each country to fight the various forms of trafficking in their country.