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Humaneggs 318x200

Human eggs grown to maturity in lab

Experts who did not take part in the research hail the achievement as promising, but stress it will take years to translate into a safe and proven therapy....

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'Mini pill box' releases weekly dose of HIV...

People who forget to take their medication run the risk of falling ill if the virus rebounds, or developing resistance to the drugs they were using.

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Breakthrough in peanut allergy research

Food allergy affects one in 20 children and about two in 100 adults, with seafood, cow's milk, eggs and peanuts among the most typical triggers.

Geneediting 318x200

Disease gene 'edited' in human embryos in...

The lab-created, edited embryos were not allowed to develop beyond a few days, when they comprised a handful of cells.

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Kissing unlikely to pass on Zika virus –...

Saliva is not a very effective carrier of the virus, which is known to spread through mosquito bites and sex.

Gwynnedyercmyk 318x200

Counting sperm

What the scientists did in the meta-regression analysis was very useful from a general public health point of view.

Greensponge 318x200

Could a green sponge hold cancer-fighting...

Lab testing has shown that several molecules in this sponge selectively destroy pancreatic cancer cells.

Handtransplant 318x200

World's first child hand transplant a 'success'...

Harvey had his hands and feet amputated at the age of two, following a sepsis infection.

Cancer 318x200

New data on breast, ovarian cancer highlights...

The risk of cancer also varies according to the site of the mutation on the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.

Drone 318x200

Heart attack: Drones could save lives

Currently, people stricken by heart attacks outside of hospitals have only an eight to 10 percent survival rate


Trafficking 318x200

Fighting human trafficking in Uganda...

It explains why in 2000 the United National General Assembly adopted a Palermo Protocol that allows each country to fight the various forms of trafficking in their country.