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Media Freedom

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US ambassador calls on government to safeguard...

Malac said a free and independent media is essential for strong democracy.

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Kayihura 'so disturbed': New Vision editor...

The interrogators repeatedly mentioned how unpleasant the IGP felt about the story and argued that it was written without verifiable evidence, but Osike...

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European Union expresses concern over UCC...

The Danish Ambassador to Uganda says state agencies should respect people’s right to access information in a timely manner

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Call for probe into media freedom violators...

"When we report these cases, Police always claims to be doing their work, saying journalists are not above the law."

Press freedom index report pins Police for...

The 2015 report was subbed "Political Coverage Criminalized". Also indidcated 2015 most brutal year towards media freedom


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He wears T-shirts to weddings

I am so embarrassed whenever we go to family and friends’ functions that sometimes I prefer either going alone or staying at home. What should I do?